A little intro but not quite an intro

Hey passenger!

As for my first post herein WordPress,  I wouldn’t reveal myself just yet. I’d like this site to be my get-away place, my outlet after a tiring day, my room for my own well-kept sentiments, the universe of my own world, and just my private little space in the not-so-distant cyber world. I have another blog though but it’s dedicated to my photographs. Yep, a photoblog – I have two of them actually.

Okay, so I am new here and I know I have lots and lots of new things to discover like What Does This Button Do kind of thing. I mean, srsly this platform’s really different from my home blog’s interface back in Tumblr. But before all those discoveries take place, I might kust excuse myself first for I gotta be back to work, my boss might notice I’m not being very productive today. Hope to get back here sooner! Have a great day!

Love lots,